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Problems with BBE 862!!!

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  • Problems with BBE 862!!!

    Hey guys
    I just started using a BBE 862 with my TD-8 and this thing sounds great. I use 2 Ins from TD-8 and I use 2 balanced XLR Outs to my JBL's and 2 balanced Jacks to the big PA, so Im using all 4 BBE Outputs. The problem is when I use it in bypass mode it looses signal from one output, say left one. When I use the sound processed, the signal gets higher and equal on both outs.At least to my ears.
    What do you think is happening here???
    Is it suposed to be like this.Manual says I can use all ins and outs simultaneasly with no signal loss.This happens only with 4 outs used.Is there something I shoud know about this.
    Please help me because Im using it live.
    Thanks guys
    Nice Forum