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TD-6 settings

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  • TD-6 settings

    Wow! Am I ever glad to have found this forum! I've spent the last three hours reading over past posts. I recently purchased a Hart kit with the TD-6 module. I am so amazed everytime I sit down to play! I really like the mesh heads. A question about the TD-6.
    What is a good setting(s) for getting a decent (smooth, un-shotgun-like) buzz roll on the snare? I've played with all of the basic and advanced settings and just seem to be missing something. Any ideas or settings anyone wants to share?
    Thanks for a great site and forum!!!
    Boom Theory Spacemuffins
    HDI Cymbals

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    make sure your head is tight and play with the sensitivity. I'm not sure about the hart kits, but you usually have to roll pretty close to the trigger.


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      I have a PD-80 mesh pad for my snare, and I found that the snare on the "Crack!" kit (#21) was very responsive to tight rolls. I might have turned the Ambience setting off for that kit, I can't remember. I use it when I do my speed exercises. If that doesn't work for you, you might need to play with your hardware, as animal suggested.