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Problem with TD-10 EFX and EQ

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  • Problem with TD-10 EFX and EQ


    I just bought A V-Pro kit as a closeout from Sam Ash (supposedly brand new) and have been playing the hell out of it for the last 3 weeks. Today I fire it up and go to tweek an eq on a snare sound but for some reason the eq doesn't work. I powered the TD-10 off and initialized it and I still can't edit the EQ. I also can't change any of the FX. The master EQ does effect the sound but of course that's global.

    What's odd is that if I call up a patch, the approriate FX come up with it, I just can't edit them.

    Is there some kind of write protect or something I am missing or do I need to give up my new drums for a while?

    It is an expanded system with a TDW-1 card but not the newer V-Cymbal version.


    Ed Saltzman

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    I've heard that there are some dealer demo models that prohibit things from being goofed up by the masses while on the sales floor. I've never come across one of these, but maybe you have one. Call Roland with the serial # and they can tell you. If that is the case, and it was represented to you to be a new, fully functional unit, you should have no problem exchanging it.

    It the eq and effects were working initially but have now stopped, that is very different, and probably a malfunction.


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      TD-10's w/security locks on floor models? Facinating! Such a unit would not need returning. The code probably used certain key entries in a particular sequence for the lockout. Another sequence of key entries should unlock. Embedded (unreleased/unsupported) functions are common in any sophisticated code for de-bugging. However, it's been my experience (w/other sw/hw products) that these 'hidden' functions also contain certain 'un-mentioned/un-advertised' features and are most often used by sales & marketing to 'lure' customers into a purchase.



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        Marc makes a good point. If there is such a thing as demo units as I have heard, they probably aren't truly different (too expensive vs. economy of scale of having the feature in all), they probably just have a lockout code enabled. Whether they have any "additional" features beyond that is an interesting speculation too. I don't really know. What I was suggesting is just one possibility based on a similar situation I heard about where the guy was told he had a demo unit and to come exchange it.


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          Thanks for the replies,

          I think it's fried, at least the dsp chip. I ran a diagnostic by pressing the chain and pattern buttons while turning on the TD-10. It gave me a message that says "test 4 ESP error".

          I'm sending the unit in for repair. Hopefully it won't take too long. I want to update my TDW-1 to V-cymbals anyway. At least it's under warranty.


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            I hate to make a dumb comment, but, I did this myself a few weeks ago. I got a little frustrated and thought my TD-10 was bugging out. Turns out it was operator error. I had the effects, EQ, Compressor and AMB turned off at the master screen. I felt a little stupid and I hope you kind people won't make fun of a guy opening up to you. And as always, we thank you for your support.
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              I was just going to mention the same thing CAH2112 but thought that I may get fried for thinking that Soundbyte was a TROLL!!!!!

              'I only ever quote myself - except when I quote someone else' - me

              , plenty of , and , , triggered acoustics, , and a plethora of PA blah blah freakin blah...I mean does anyone care about the specifics of pedals, speakers, processors, hardware or anything that I'm using?? :confused: Hmmm, maybe this is an appropriate place to mention that I tried out a new cymbal stand the other day...


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                The TD-10 I had would just turn off then back on by itself, I sent it back. I found the thing to be twitchy, also when changing kits it would take a couple of seconds for the effects to engage which is inexcusable in a unit that has a list price of almost $2000. The problem might have with the expansion board but I didn't feel like guesing or sending it back to Roland only to get it back unfixed. Beside all of this was the fact that I found I hate the COSM sound. No matter how I adjusted the onboard EQ, it had a very odd midrange sound to it.
                Drumkat Turbo 4.5, Emulator X3, Superior 2.1, Roland Fantom XR, DTXtreme III, SPD-20 etc.......


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                  Just for the record, it wasn't user error, there was an actual problem with the unit. I sent it in for repair which was apparently resolved by re-initializing the TD-10. I will see if the problem returns.


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                    Sound like you need to look at a sound system upgrade. I have 2 Yamaha cabs with 15"subs and kickin tweets and the sound is killer. I'm pushing about 300W to each cab. Even my acoustic plsying friends like the sound. Just a thought, I hate to see you give up on V. And as always, we thank you for your support.
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                      There's nothing wrong with my system, it's COSM, it's not perfected. The TD-10 cymbals sound forced, the high end clips and falls off, leaving a kind of sqeezed sound. My speakers go to 21khz, so its not that. My Emu and Kurzweil boxes sound alot better in the top end, just go to a music sore and have the saleman load up some drum and cymbal sounds and you'll see what I'm talking about. The first time I heard Kurzweil drum sounds, it knocked me down, so much clarity, it's scary.
                      Drumkat Turbo 4.5, Emulator X3, Superior 2.1, Roland Fantom XR, DTXtreme III, SPD-20 etc.......