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upgrade to pd-120

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  • upgrade to pd-120

    i've recently fulfilled a lifelong dream to play the drums by signing up for lessons and i'm loving it! i purchased a v-club set with td-6 and upgraded the snare to a pd-120. the manual says i should get distinct head and rim sounds by plugging in to the snare input but i can't get the rim sound. any thoughts?


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    Does the snare input from the TD-6 require a stereo cable? I don't have a TD-6 here but it's in your manual for sure..


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      Yes, it does require a stereo cable. The one that came with the PD 120 should work fine. You will also have to change the "pad type" setting for it to work properly.

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        Changing the pad type did it! ... thanks. Now on to the quest to find the perfect sounds ... anyone got any favorites?


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          One suggestion when checking snares (and other drum sounds): Be sure to vary the heads on them. There's a huge difference in sound between the clear, pinstripe and coated heads! (I'm pretty sure you can do this on the TD-6 as well.) Other adjustments (tension, depth, etc.) have a lesser effect onthe sound.