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Master outs vs. Direct outs

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  • Master outs vs. Direct outs

    I've been recording the past few days and experimenting with various numbers of tracks using an expanded TD-10 with v cymbals. I set up two identical kits except that the first kit uses just the master outs and is recorded in stereo. The second kit uses the master outs in stereo for the toms and cymbals, and 3 direct outs to separate kick, snare and high hat for a total of 5 tracks. Everything is recorded flat without any effects. After recording both ways I've noticed that the kick, snare and high hat on the separate tracks don't sound like they did when they were recorded just in stereo, especially the high hat which has become much brighter. I've even tried switching inputs on the board as well as outputs on the TD-10 and only the toms and cymbals coming through the master outs in stereo sound the same. The 2 track stereo mix sounds better overall. Is this a normal occurrence when using the direct outs?

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    If the Master EQ is on I think this only applies to the Master Outputs.
    I`ll check later on my module.


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      You're right. I checked the manual and the master eq only effects the master outs. Thanks for the tip.


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        Everybody has to remember that if you put effects on any sound, the default is through the master outs. You need to change the default to the direct outs on each kit.