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TDW-1 Nightmare

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  • TDW-1 Nightmare

    Alright, if you read my previous post, then you know about my TDW-1 and I decided to go ahead and just install it. I mean, there wasn't THAT much that I had previously saved.

    But now theres a new problem. After installation and the whole shabang, I have 50 kits. Wait, what? 50?! Where's my old 50? And im not talking about custom kits that i put together and edited...oh no. The original factory kits that came on the TD-10 are gone. My kit titled 'TDW-1' is now my #1 kit. HELP ME!!

    The best damn kid in the record industry. Maybe.

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    All 100 kits are there in the background, but only 50 can be in the user area at a time (currently the new kits are loaded in the user area and saved in the background).

    You can use the copy feature to copy any of the original kits over any of the kits now in the user area, (thus getting a combo of up to 50 "old" and "new" kits living together in the user area). Don't worry about copying over a new kit, you can always copy it back later because a version of each will still be saved in the background (all 100 will always be there).

    Anyway, go into copy and you will see what I mean. Scroll the wheel around and you will see all 100 presets plus the 50 user kits to choose from.


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      Dr, hey thank you so much. i had really thought i'd lost (permantly) the onboard kits. whew! hey did you by any chance get my response on that mixer? i think ive made up my mind on that, you can go ahead and give it to ebay. no problem. aight man? thanks a lot.
      The best damn kid in the record industry. Maybe.


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        No problem. And no, I don't remember ever hearing anything final back from you on the mixer after sending you a photo. Thanks for the update.

        I'm going to hang on to it until after I get my audio PC this month, to make sure I won't need it with the computer setup, if not then I'll move it out. Lemme know if you change your mind.