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Custom padding for cases???

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  • Custom padding for cases???

    I found these drum cases for my PD 110/120s(session kit)However, they aren't padded. Does anyone know of a place to buy padding or foam or whatever I'd need? Should I use two sided tape to attach or glue?

    I also want to make something to carry the rack in...Actually I want a Cover...So it doesn't have to be a hard case...I thought of just sewing a sheet into a big pocket to keep it in...Any suggestions on material to use?

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    Fabric stores will have different thicknesses of sheet foam you can buy by the yard, but it will probably be white.

    I used contact cement to secure - it will never come off.


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      Your local computer component wholesaler may have the foam you need. Some hard disk drives come packed in foam that would be great for drum case lining.

      It is where I managed to get the foam for my drum case. I also used some to repair my Pintech CKV when the foam failed behind the mesh.

      If I did not use this stuff it would just get thrown away.

      Just a thought.

      Good Luck!

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        Try "A friendly foam shop" It's on rooselvelt 206 525 2301 in the u dist. Drumphuc

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          There's 14 of 'em listed in the yellow pages;
          Besides the one in the U-district on Roosevelt, there's Foam Rubber City in Kent, and The Foam Source on the North end in Lynwood on 99 (Aurora).


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