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For the guys using CY-6 for HH

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  • For the guys using CY-6 for HH

    I know 1 or 2 of you guys are using a CY-6 for a HH pad. What trigger settings are you using? I have the TD-10 with the first TDW-1 (without the cymbal upgrade). I know the little instructions mention setting the pad type to PD-9 for the non-expanded TD-10's and Ca (or something like that) for the explanded with cymbal control. Well for atleast the HH port on my TD-10 it doesn't show a Ca setting just the PD-9. So I am not exactly sure if I should also change to the recomended scan time, cross talk, etc... or keep them the way they were for the PD-7 that was hooked up? Not sure if I confused anyone .