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tech advice please?

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  • tech advice please?

    hi all. i have 2 things i need to figure out.
    first off, as you may have read in a previous post, i'm just about to convert and start using my pearl acoustic kit to be used hybrid style with my v-club set via mesh heads and triggers, ala' the tdi page, etc. i intend on using mesh/triggers for only snare and toms, while using a pintech concert kick pad behind the a. bass drum, just for versatility. i need some input from y'all on the sensetivity diffrence that i'm going to have going pd-6 to mesh/trigger on the drums. i have read alot saying that some just werent happy with it at all, and while i realize there will be a difference, do you think it would be THAT signifigant? (after looking into it, i'm going with double ply mesh). other question is, i was going to most likely go with ddrum triggers but i found that the snare is only single, whereas trigger perfect makes a dual zone snare trigger (and an expensive one). do i have any other options with that one, for a dual trigger snare? i would really appreciate any input on this one. thanks guys.

    Jackie O Slashes

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    I think Drum Tech has a three zone snare available. Others here can tell you about Hart, Pintech, etc?
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      Originally posted by gingerbaker:
      I think Drum Tech has a three zone snare available. Others here can tell you about Hart, Pintech, etc?
      We're talking about triggers for acoustic drums, not pads!

      The (cheap)ddrum red shot trigger is a single trigger version indeed, but the 'normal' ddrum snare trigger is dual trigger.

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        YOU all are obviously talking about snare triggers. I am evidently circling Mars. But the view is fine.
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          You might consider joining this site:


          They have internal triggering designs for acoustic drums, including dual zone snare conversions. It's worth the price for access to the advice of many who have already done it.

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            Or try this free one:


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              or mine...

              I just re-read and saw you are talking about acoustic triggers. I will address this more later. I have a lot of new info to add to my site...

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                thanks for the feedback guys, but i am actually wondering if you think i'd be happy with my drums using only the double-ply mesh top heads and ddrum triggers, rather than going thru an all out acoustic conversion. ie: mesh pads -the center cone trigger. i know you can't TELL ME i'll be happy with it but i'm curious if anyone has tried out a set rigged as i explained, and found the overall triggering and sensetivity to be pretty good with just side triggers alone. anyone?
                Jackie O Slashes


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                  Hi everyone. I've read the forum for several months and I am bown away by what I don't know. Anyway, I have some experience with your question. I have used triggers mounted about an inch from the rim on the batter heads for about a year. They work fairly well on the bass and snare but can act a bit silly on the toms. I recently converted a snare drum with a center mount and rim trigger and low and behold, near perfect triggering! The sensitivity is quite amazing. you have to fool about with the trigger settings, but once you get them, I think it' worth the extra work. Good luck!
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