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Splitting the Band

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  • Splitting the Band

    Hey guys, I need an answer for a little problem. The way my band and I are working our sound is through a Mackie VLZ-1402 mixer. The main outs go to my power amp, and from the power amp to 2 PA speakers. Now for monitoring, I want a way (assuming this is the way most bands do it) to split a stereo line into about 4 or 5 signals. The 4 or 5 new lines will then go to our own on-stage monitors.

    But is that the right way to do it? Is there another way? What I'm looking into is the Rolls HA43 headphone amp. Now does this thing split the signal and then still have wnough push to carry a signal, say, 20 feet to a monitor?

    Here's a link: http://www.musiciansfriend.com/srs7/.../base_id/36420

    Thanks a lot guys!
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    Hi Algee

    It sounds like you are saying that your four or five stage monitors are self-powered?

    The powered monitors I'm familiar with allow daisy-chaining to one another, so you may not need a headphone amp, just cables.

    I'm not real experienced but I have never heard of using a headphone amp to distribute signals on stage for monitoring, but its not a bad idea.

    Also, your Mackie mixer should allow for at least two different monitor mixes - so if people want to hear different things, or different relative volumes, you can have two or more outs for stage monitors, each one then daisy-chained accordingly.

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      Well, I guess they're powered. they are just plug and play guitar amps and bass amps. my mackie mixer's out include a main (going to PA), stereo RCA out, control line out, and phones.

      with the headphone amp i have linked to musiciansfriend.com, it has seperate volume levels for each output. its not a giant mixer and doesnt have a buttload of options, so the outputs are limited. its the only logical way i can think of.

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        I think you idea would work. But the only problem is that you would not be able to control the volume for each instrument on each monitor mix. For example you may want the bass to be louder in you mix while the singer has a more vocal heavy mix. For that you might need a more powerful mixer.

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          I looked at your profile but your setup isn't listed there. The link to your web site is temporarily suspended. I have a superb 8-bus mixer I am getting rid of. I don't know what your drum output needs are (module, electric/acoustic combo with mics, etc.) but I suspect my mixer would provide separate channels for everything in your drum rig (providing you additional control, eq, and effects routing) while doubling as a monitoring mixer (giving everyone the mix they want, with separate levels, submixes and eq adjustments to taste). Don't know what your budget is, but I'm selling the mixer for about 1/3 of what similar setups start at. (Its also a fantastic recording mixer with phantom power/great pre-s and inserts on all as well as all those buses.)