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What's the deal w/ my Master Outputs???

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  • What's the deal w/ my Master Outputs???

    After playing with headphones for about a year, I finally decided it was time to get some amplification. So I picked up a PM3 (no comments please, it fits my needs perfectly). Anyway, when running from my master outs, I only hear a strong signal from one side. The other side sounds like it's playing at about 10%. The sub works fine. At first I thought I might have a bad PM3, but I redirected a kit to use the direct 1 outputs, and everything is cool.

    It's almost like the master outputs have some sort of 'mono' switch turned on (or perhaps I have a bad output channel). I went through the manual and didn't find anything like that. I set PAN to the center for everything so it's not that. I don't know, I'm confused and fearing the worst. Anybody else had this experience?


    (FYI... I'm running an expanded TD-10)

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    I don't know if I can help you, but I thought somebody should reply just to let you know you are not alone.

    Are you getting both channels on your headphones?

    If it works Ok from the direct outs, I guess that would rule out a bad cable, but try swithing them all around anyway, just to make sure.

    Are your outputs in the mixing console section (sorry (I'm at work and can't remenmber the exact name for this)directed toward the mains? Maybe they are directed to the Direct Outs and all you are hearing through the mains is the ambience or effects or something (hey, I'm trying). Try your PM3's with some other sources (like a keyboard or stereo) to make sure they are both OK. Switch to a bunch of different kits to see what happens, and check the mixing console output settings on those to see how they differ. Clean your cable connectors. Have a beer (or three). Take your module into the dealer you bought it from and see if they can get it to work. Stare off into space and wonder ... why me why me... why me. Be glad your not at a gig or recording session with a dead module (I worry about this all the time).


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      I would double check your pan settings also just to be safe. Also check each side of the master out. Connect the right side to your PM3, listen, unplug the right and plug in the left and see if there is a difference there. If there is there is a problem with your master outs.

      Ted H.
      Ted H.


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        I would think that some of the out are going to direct 1, 2 3

        You can alter these in the mixer for each kit


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          Hey guys, thanks for your suggestions! Unfortunately, I won't have time to work on the problem again until tomorrow night (you know, work, wife, 3 kids, a dog...to busy).

          I know it's not a problem with my mixer becasuse... I'm not using one. I'm going straight from the TD10's master outs into the PM3's master in's. Pretty straight forward. I'll try some different cables just to make sure they're not bad (they shouldn't be, they're brand new). If it's not a bad cable, it's either some funky setting in the TD10 or a bad output.

          Here's what really stinks. I've got 4 pads that I'm using via a midi kiti (courtesy of the good Dr. Kildrum) that are assigned to percussion group 1. As far as I know, the percusion groups can only be assigned to the master outs or the headphones. In other words, even if I direct my kits to use the direct 1 outputs, I lose my midi pads (unless playing through headphones). What to do, what to do???


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            I would make sure your not useing a stero cable as well. I could be wrong, but, I believe if you plug something in the left output only it will override any pan settings. Try swaping the cords. See if you have a buddy that has a board you can plu in to, mybe it's the impedence of the PM3. Just a thought, I'm not real smart when it comes to sound stuff.
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              Have you checked the "Global Output/Pan"
              Hit Setup/F3/F4 it should be set to "off"


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                OK, this is just getting more and more bizarre!

                I tried running in mono (from the master outs), just to make sure that both sides were actually working. It worked fine, but the strength of the signal (volume) seemed lower than when I was going through the direct outs. So then I plugged in the right channel on the master outs. But before I plugged it into the right channel on the PM3, I tried playing. And WHOA , my volume had almost tripled! I had not made any other adjustments. So then I go ahead and plug in the right channel into the PM3 and I'm back to my original problem (Left side strong, right side real weak). Freaky!!!

                Maybe I'll have some more time to mess with it this weekend. Any and all suggestions appreciated!!!


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                  and your sure it's not the cable?


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                    Originally posted by Bagman:
                    Be glad your not at a gig or recording session with a dead module (I worry about this all the time).
                    O yeah man, me to!! When I setup my kit at a gig and turn it on for the first time, I always thank God on my knees if it works!! Maybe it's just a drummers thing, because my guitarplayers never worry about there stuff. I think that we drummers are very simple minded, when we hit something there must be a sound, when there is not we freaked out.
                    When I bought my TD-10 module I trade my old TD-7 for it. Now I'm very sorry that I did do that. I only got a little money for it and later I realized I could have use it as a spare.
                    Now I'm thinking of buying a TD-6 as a spare.

                    Husky, I'm sorry my story has no use for you, (is that proper English?) but if you tried everything the guys suggested then I think it is really broke.



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                    My bands: Meneer Van Zanten and The Shed (sorry, both in Dutch but you can see the pictures, videoclips and listen to our songs)