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can't save pitch settings

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  • can't save pitch settings

    I am a new user ( TD10 ). How do I save the pitch settings? As soon as the heads are contacted after adjustment are made, they change on their own. They don't return to a default setting, either, ...just random settings not related to any prior attempts to adjust.

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    Welcome to the board satinjacob!

    After adjusting pitch(es), be sure to hit the exit button.
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      actually, you should not have to hit the exit button. you should be able to preview the tuning changes in real time. this should be true with both electronic and acoustic kits in the td-10.

      what specifically are you trying to change the ptich of?


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        Originally posted by digitsone:
        actually, you should not have to hit the exit button
        Exactamundo. More clarification required...

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          This is a long shot, but perhaps the pad selection is changing due to crosstalk between pads (i.e. you think you are adjusting pitch for Tom1 when Tom2 is actually selected). Before adjusting your parameters, make sure that the number of the pad you want to adjust is actually selected in the display. Try using your hand to select the pad instead of the stick (or a very light strike/bounce with the stick), and use the preview button to listen to the new sound. Many times when you hit one pad with a stick another will end up being selected due to crosstalk, even though you hear the sound assigned to the first pad as expected. This is rather annoying to say the least.

          If this is the case, you can either raise your thresholds a bit or apply more crosstalk cancel (or both).

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            I bet Ufotofu is on to something. The cross talk thing has bitten me more than once.

            Good advise.


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