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Question for Putt (or ddrum users)

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  • Question for Putt (or ddrum users)

    Some of the .mid files off the sounds library have 2 hits per file...

    When you upload that to the ddrum4, go to that sound, and hit the pad, does it play both hits?

    I figured it had something to do with positional sensing or something.

    If it does play both, when you play a roll, does it just restart that .mid, until the roll is over, and then play the second hit?

    Also- Is there any way to upgrade the amount of memory on it? I saw that it has 8 mb of flash, but my little mp3 player has 32, so I figure it could be done, it would be nice not to have to "save up" for the bigger, nicer sounds...



    (Sorry for all the ddrum posts, is dead!)

  • #2 is not dead. I was there today. Or I am dead as well?

    Yes the 2 sounds in one sample (and with the mega drum kits even 6 - 8 sounds) are for both positional sensing and velocity sensing. When you play loud there is a tight sounds, when you play soft there is an open sound. Just like on real drums. Please load some Mega Drum kits from and you will be astonished.

    The 2, 6 or 8 sounds will not disturb rolls or other techniques. When you play accents (loud hits) in one roll, the ddrum4 just will pick the right sounds. Hence the perfect dynamics and sounds on the little red box.

    8 mb of memory is not much, but all ddrum sounds are compressed so the ddrum4 can hold a lot of them. Only with the Mega Drum Kits or your own samples there will be a limit.


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      I have some mega kits and they HOG space. But it is worth it. The multisamples are awesome.



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        So what should I expect, space wise? I see there is like 100 kits to start with, what if I load all signature series kits, how many originals are left?

        On the ddrum tool, the space is measured in blocks. Do you know the total "block" amount in the brain?

        As posted by Puttenvr: "When you play accents (loud hits)"

        -I may sound dumb, but I am not that bad off!

        Thanks again-



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          Originally posted by MeTTaLLoiD:
          As posted by Puttenvr: "When you play accents (loud hits)"

          -I may sound dumb, but I am not that bad off!
          j/k Joe
          I wrote 'accents' and 'loud hits' because I wasn't sure 'accents' was the right English word. I am dutch and English is not my mother language, sorry.

          The ddrum4 has 8600 blocks or so. But several sounds need several amounts of space. I therefore can't tell you now how many sounds you can load.

          The number of kits is something different than the number of sounds. When buying a ddrum4 100 kits (patches or presets) are filled with the standard 500 sounds or so. I don't think you can load all the Mega Drum Kits into the brain. And you probably don't need to. As with all modules: some sounds are kind of equal to eachother.


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            Originally posted by puttenvr:
   is not dead. I was there today. Or I am dead as well?
            Putt... I'm pretty sure he means that the ddrums site is slow. Here's why: Vdrums group, 972 members. Ddrums group, 59 members.

            \oo/_ :mad: _\oo/


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              Strange: with 59 people on one road things should be must faster than with 972 persons. Or did the administrators provide us with a slow internet traffic to compensate the fast drums we have


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                The V-drums forum has more visitors and more posts per hour and so there's happening more. From that point of view the ddrums forum could be seen as dead.

                I don't mind being a zombie though

                As a vampire needs blood, I have my red stuff as well!
                Music was my first love...