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CY-6 and KD-80 with TD-10

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  • CY-6 and KD-80 with TD-10

    Hello everyone!

    I bought a TD-10 (used) with only one PD-9 and the kd-7 as kick drum.

    I've tested the CY-6 cymbals, and I like them very much, and so the KD-80 bassdrum pad.

    The question is: will these 2 pads work OK with my TD-10 (WITHOUT TDW-1)?

    If so, in the trigger bank window, which pad I have to choose for the CY-6 and KD-80?

    Thanks in advance, and bye!

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    I am no help with the kick, but the CY-6b should be set as a pd-9 if I remember. They will work fine.


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      My KD80 is Amazing!! It's identical (albeit 8" & not 12") to the KD120!! I had 2 linked KD7's on my TD7 set from 95' to 2000', they trigger very efficiently. The KD7's are much more rigid in comparison, & therefore take a bit more strength to play than a KD80 or 120. I think using them intensely for 5 years really strengthened my double bass, although I much prefer the sensitivity of the KD80.

      Hehe, reminds me of the time I posed the same 'KD7 vs. KD80?' question to youse bums in Dec. of 2000.

      -Alex & V's: http://photos.yahoo.com/flexapr
      Thanx. Alex & me V's! http://photos.yahoo.com/flexapr