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Please Advise! Re: Acoustic Triggers on Mesh Headed Drums

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  • Please Advise! Re: Acoustic Triggers on Mesh Headed Drums

    Just purchased a mesh bass drum head for purposes of adapting my 1970's 20" Gretsch kick to trigger my TD-10x. I figure this is a fairly uncomplicated situation as far as triggering goes -- no issues with postitional sensing, no crosstalk (nothing attached to bass drum).

    I've used the Most Wonderful Search Function and I've come to a couple of conclusions. First, the ddrum triggers appear to be the best for this kind of thing. Second, they work well with the TD-10.

    Excellent. But I need some more info from those who've had some experience with this.

    1) Should I get the regular ddrum kick trigger, or could I get away with the 'Red Shot' model (less expensive)?

    2) What settings on the TD-10exp do you use?

    3) Best place to get ddrum triggers?

    Any other advice would be helpful, if you can think of any. Maybe it would help you to know that the mesh head is the kind used by the Pearl Rhythm traveller.

    Thanks guys. DJourg.

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    As far as perfomance, the ddrum red shot and the ddrum standard triggers are the same. The difference is that the the standard (more expensive) trigger has a protective metal casing and uses an XLR connector, whereas the red shot does not (1/4").

    I used a ddrum red shot bass trigger on my 18" Rosewood Gretsch bass drum and had mixed results, depending on the head I used.

    Initially, I used an Evans single-ply mesh head (similar to the Pearl Rhythm Traveler) and it was horrible! It missed triggers 50% of the time...even cranking up sensitivy and tweaking other settings on my ddrum brain never really got it so it was dependable. I never got around to buying a double-ply mesh head to try - but I can almost guarantee you will have better results with a stronger, double-ply mesh head versus a weak, single-ply. I have read posts from at least one fellow e-drummer that they are more likely to physically fail as well...(imagine your foot pedal thru your bass pad right now )

    Anyway, I just used a regular drum head that I had laying around and it triggered wonderful! No problems at all...
    E-drums: TD-20, RT-5S triggers on snare/toms, KD-7s, VH12, CY-14Cs, CY-15R, Pintech splash.
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      If you are considering mesh on a drum that big, don't waste your time and $ on anything but two-ply, the thicker the better (read: Hart). Just MHO.


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        Perhaps dampening(yes!) the mesh head with with a pillow will improve the triggering? At least the playing feel becomes better in my opinion

        The best place to get ddrum stuff would off course be http://www.sepdrums.com/

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          Thanks for the replies, gents. Seems I jumped the gun when I bought the head. Fortunately I haven't opened it yet, so back it goes.

          Looked on the Hart website. They don't make a 20" double-ply mesh head. I'll keep looking though.

          Maybe I'll simply use the acoustic head and just dampen the hell out of it with tape, pillow...looking for quiet practice here.

          Would a trigger work well on a 12" or 16" single-ply mesh?


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