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td-6/td-10, sound difference?

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  • td-6/td-10, sound difference?

    hello, i've been studying specs and whatnot, and i was wondering if one of you could tell me, -do the td-6 and the expanded td-10 module have any real difference as far as it's sounds? are they not the SAME 1286 sounds? i know that a td-10 is overall a better module, but is'nt it that only in greater options/control? and other than that what really are the other differences?

    -Jackie O

    -it's also my understanding that if you say, went to the store and bought a td-6, and a td-10 -the upgrade card, that the td-6 would actually have quite a bit many more sounds! is this correct?
    Jackie O Slashes

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    Not sure where you've been getting that information. Do a search on this site. The sounds in the TD-6 are similar/same as the TD-8. The TD-10 sounds differ greatly. The expansion card (only available for the TD-10) gives you 50 more kits, hence more sounds, and V-Cymbal control, etc.

    Use the search function. I believe Mick has a good review of the TD-6 posted that gives a great description of that module. I'm sure you can find something similar on the TD-10. BTW, there is no substitute for trying. Don't dismiss features or decide a sonic preference based on someone else's recommendation. Both modules have advantages, it depends on your preferences, priorities and pocketbook.


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      Welcome to the board. It's great to know that Vdrums.com makes it to the afterworld as well as the internet!

      You know, I don't think that the TD-10 expanded does have 1286 sounds, but it has nearly that many. It's advantage lies in the ability to customize most sounds dramatically, which really gives you a "virtually" infinite sonic palette.

      Where the TD-6 and TD-8 do outshine the TD-10 is in the number and nature of the prerecorded patterns, or songs, you can use for practice. Not only are there way way more than the TD-10, but they have silenceable drum tracks with them, to give you something to emulate.

      Personally, I find these really helpful.

      The TD-10 also has, I believe, a lot more flexibility for outputs for playing live a/or recording; this may influence your decision.

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        The TD-6 is more on par with the TD-8 than the TD-10. The TD-10 offers more control over individual drums especially the snare. TD-6/8 only allow for deep or normal where the TD-10 allows for 1" to 22" in .5" steps just to mention a major difference. As far as outputs go there is a big difference. The TD-6 has only 2, I believe, and the TD-8 has 4 but the TD-10 has 8. If you are recording it is a big plus. The inputs are different also on the TD-10 and 6 12 on the 10 not sure on the 6. I am just starting to understand the differences between the TD-10 and the 8, be that I am now using both. I also believe that the TD-6/8 has no individual EQ and compression for each pad were the TD-10 has it for 10 of the 12 inputs.

        Ted H.
        Ted H.


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          Good points all, fellas. In addition to these, I think that one huge advantage the TD-10 has over the -8 and -6 is its collection of tom sounds. There are three sets in particular that you will not find on the lesser modules (Ballad, Stage, and Pop), and, to my ears, they sound better than anything you will find on the -8 and -6. Tom sounds seem to be the most difficult thing that e-drum manufacturers try to reproduce. Now, this is not to say that the -8 and -6 have bad tom sounds, it's just that the ones on the TD-10 are better.....
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