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Can different cymbals be saved with different kits?

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  • Can different cymbals be saved with different kits?

    When you change kits, only the DRUM sounds change, the cymbal voices remain the same. Is there a way to program cymbal changes and have them saved with individual kits?

    thank you

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    Check again, the cymbals change. And yes you can change them to anything you want. They don't even have to be cymbals.


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      Sure you can change the cymbal sounds. In fact, most of them are already different for each kit. I do agree that there is not as much variation in the cymbal sounds as there is in the snare & tom sounds, but they're there.

      Which module do you have (TD8/TD10/TD10+exp)? Changing a cymbal sound is relatively easy and is addressed in the manual

      If you're *really* sure that all of the cymbal sounds are the same, maybe your module has been tweaked by its previous owner. To fix that, you can reset the module to the factory default. This is also shown in the manual.

      Hope this helps...



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        You know why the cymbals all sound the same?

        Because there are only a handfull that sound decent.

        Sorry, just had to let out a quick gripe there....



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          I agree, what is the deal with the cymbals.
          Where are the sweet medium thin crashes??
          -Drumlogic, V-session, Visulite/roland cymbals, (2)Mackie srm-450's, bbe 482 sonic maximizer,


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            thanks everyone for the feedback