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Sensitivity Bleed

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  • clymore
    Try raising the crosstalk 10 or 20 points on the pad. Also stuff packing peanuts in the tubes to cut down on vibrations transfering through the rack frame.

    TD-8, TD-7, Roland rack, Pintech AX14, ConcertCast and Roland PD-9/7/5 pads, Yamaha and Pintech cymbals, Dingbat, Nimrod, Vertikik & KD-7, FD-7 , DrumKat DK-10, Fender Bassman 60.......2000 Eclipse GS

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  • puttenvr
    Perhaps you should raise the treshold setting from the tom tom as a result of which it only sounds when you hit on it.

    Ever tried to put foam into the hardware tubes? Perhaps it helps.

    Putting the hi-hat or tom pad to another tube perhaps also helps.

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  • Robin
    started a topic Sensitivity Bleed

    Sensitivity Bleed

    I have a V-Drums Studio Kit.
    The PD7 hi-hit trigger is on the side frame and the PD7 tom-tom trigers are on the front frame. The Hi-hat seems to produce the first PD7 tom-tom sound as well as the hi-hat sound. It sounds as though you're hitting both at once.
    I have tried playing with the sensitivities, but the vibrations still seem to pass over to the first tom-tom trigger.
    When I remove the tom-tom trigger from the frame all is OK
    Any suggestions???
    Thanks for the expert help... let's keep it up