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Sequencing Midi w/MOTU Digital Performer

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  • Sequencing Midi w/MOTU Digital Performer

    I'm a drummer of many years, and considering purchasing a v-drums kit. My main question is in reference to my Mac-Based MOTU Digital Performer studio at home. Can the v-drums' sound module link up with my midi timepiece and transmit accurate midi info to my computer, that can be played back through the TD-10 by the sequencer? Do things get lost in Midi? For example, the nuance of a cymbal or hi hat... can Digital Performer understand everything the TD-10 spits out? Does the TD-10 even spit everything out? I hope this makes some kind of sense to somebody out there.. I'd love to go ahead w/the purchase, but this is an essential piece of info for me.

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    Yes the V-Drums will spit the midi data out. The manual boasts "even ghost notes!"

    It says something about midi data from the HH control pedal being unable to transmit, but when I record onto the internal sequencer it works just fine. "??"

    If MOTU Digital Performer a seriously top of the line program can't read that data then nothing will.

    Positional sensoring is one thing Im not sure of

    And if Im wrong and the TD-10 wont send the kind of data your looking for hey Im a drummer gimme a break



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      It should work. The cymbals (and the other sounds) are essentially samples. What you hear in the performance is what you hear when triggering back (at least in Protools). Don't see why your sequencing software would be different. Where problems can sometimes crop up is when the midi info is then "manipulated" within sequencing software and then the revisions are sent back. Still, I'm not familiar with your software, but it should work much like it does with any other midi info.


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        Positional Sensing should work fine with Midi. It records a control Data Event the same as the hihat pedal. You'll have to check that the sequencer set to record control data. Cakewalk for example allows you to configure what midi data is recorded. I believe choking sounds is not recordable via midi. As Dr Kildrum says, when you manipulate the midi data you have to remember move the control data that corresponds to that event.


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          thanks for your responses. So far it looks like it's working fine. My next thing is getting Sample Cell going, and chop up some drum kits off records and sample libraries to trigger with the kit. Does anybody out there really get into this stuff, or do you mostly just use the sounds in the TD-10 for performance and recording? Anybody ever link up the TD-10 to an AKAI MPC-2000?


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            I was more so looking at those new EMU command stations. It has a 300,000 note sequencer, plus a kickin sound engine. I would like the sampling power of the AKAI, but for that I was thinking about the sp303 sampler from Roland, I could run the whole mix through that.

            "?" I don't know, but first I def. need more sequencing power.