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Good Double pedal

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  • Good Double pedal

    Whats a good Double pedal for use with the vdrum-sesison.??? ALso, do you have to get any special kind of beater????

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    I use a DW 7000 chain driven pedal and love it. I use the plastic end of the beater. The felt I tried, to lessen the rebound, but it packed the head. Try using the search engine this has been discussed before. If I had the extra cash I may try an axis pedal they are very very very smooth.

    Ted H.
    Ted H.


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      Also see the "How do you play your bass.." thread in the General forum for more thoughts on what to consider.

      My recommendation has always been the same. Try 'em all and pick what's right for you. This should be a deliberate process and can make a big difference.

      The Axis pedals are so far from my acoustic pedals, I never would have believed I'd be playing them, but they are pefect for me in this application. I've personally never found anything faster or smoother, but they are far too fast and light for a's (but marvelous, if you're willing to adapt, for e's.) Your mileage may vary.


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        DW 5000 and Tama Iron Cobra seem to be the top picks of most players. Many people also like Axis, although few can afford them.

        Drooling Dog
        - Scott