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Gigastudio question

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  • Gigastudio question

    Ok.....don't flame me here....along with being a midi moron, i am also quite un-informed about sampling on a pc....

    my question is - with someting like gigastudio can one use a laptop in a live situation to trigger samples and loops?? anyone here use it??


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    Depends more on the hardware. There are professional grade audio computers, (even rackmount versions) that have adequate processors, chipsets, RAM, etc. to do it, but a sufficient system can cost. You can get by with less depending on how much you try to take on.


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      Hi sepdrums,

      check out their site http://www.nemesysmusic.com . You can find info about gigasampler on laptops on the Hardware Compatability page.



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        GigaStudio requires a mammoth computer...Most folks run Giga in a dedicated PC and run a digital output to host PC....the patch banks for Giga are huge..some of the giga piano samples themselves require up to 1 gig of drive space...

        Emagic makes a virtual sampler called EXS 24 that can only be used with Logic Audio Platinum, but it integrates seamlessly with the software and is not quite as demanding on the computer...

        As far as GigaStudio,getting a laptop setup for this application is not for the faint of heart....