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V-Drums Upgrade and Repair ?

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  • V-Drums Upgrade and Repair ?

    Hello all ::

    I recently purchased a 2 year old set of v-drums from a studio in LA. They haven't been used outside of the studio very much, but haven't been treated well AT ALL (they were left on for about 1 year straight for example). A few lines of the LCD dont display, one of the toms wont trigger volume outside the 4" diameter of the center, they need to be tightened etc etc etc.... My question is, where should I begin looking for a licensed repair shop? Im also going to upgrade the brain but I can do that myself. Any suggestions?


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    You can check Roland websites for service stations but you maybe better off sending it right to Roland. I have the same problem with missing LED lines with mine also. I got it once I put the TDW-1 in. Sometimes the lines come back other times they are there. I believe it has something to do with humidity but I am not really sure. The upgrade is an easy installation,(TDW-1) you will be able to do that yourself(Just make sure you have the latest version, V-Cymbal control). The trigger that is miss triggering probably just needs the head tuned or at the worst the cone sensor replaced. I would suggest placing all the mesh heads in trigger 2(snare) input one at a time and tune them. Remember to switch to a PD-100 in the trigger settings after you have tuned all the PD-120's. The manual will explain all the settings and how to tune the heads.

    Ted H.
    Ted H.


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      Same here for the intermittant display line problem. I've had the TD-10 for about 2 1/2 yrs now. It started recently (long after installing the exp card). Only a minor inconvenience at present.
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