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Repairing Sensitivity of TD7 bass drum pad

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  • Repairing Sensitivity of TD7 bass drum pad

    Is there any set of instructions around? so i can fix it. it only registers up to 1/2 its dynamic capability when i ht it at full whack.

    Does this mean that i need a new piezo transducer thingy?

    i'll do the repair myself.

    except there doesn't seem to be any screws on the unit to allow me to open it up?!?

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    What you need to do is this:
    1.) remove ring around rubber - lots of allen heads
    2.) remove bottom plate
    3.) remove rubber from housing
    4.) drop that blob of sticky schite on floor
    5.) light on fire
    6.) grasp housing in hand
    7.) throw as hard as you can against basement wall
    8.) grasp black rubber thing
    9.) refer to #5

    Sorry... its a friday and im ready to go home!! had to do that. have had many problems with those. hate them. must smash them.


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      Let me see if I have this right...

      While you can't find anything to screw, you're whacking your unit.

      And now you are worried you might need a new thingy?

      A thingy with a piezo transducer?...
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        LOL @ GB.
        Fixing the KD-7 doesn't require a great deal of drama, feel free to rip it apart, there is not much to it.
        Some of the guys here have done wild crazy things to their KD-7's. For example, Eric smashes them, most people beat them and others have have replaced the jack inputs with XLR. A search should reveal these crazy individuals.
        Of course, this all depends on your profiency with a soldering iron and your ingenuity.

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