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KD-120 - Case?

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  • KD-120 - Case?

    I posted this question about a year ago, and ask again - what are you guys using for travel cases for your KD-120? This is the remaining piece of hardware NOT in a case of some sort, since I can't seem to find anything that really works...

    - Hans
    - Hans

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    I've still been using a cymbal bag for mine, just until I can get round to having a case built for all the pads, including the KD-120, since I also have 6 PD-9's which need to be protected.
    Roland should have a look through SKB's assortment of cases and put afitting case on the market, it's long overdue. Same goes for the unfortunate owners of V-Cymbals and Handsonics, who have been calling for cases for ages now.

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      I remove the pad from the stand and pack the pad in one of two rolling duffle bags padded with 2" foam rubber all around (think layers), just like all of my other pads an v-cymbals. I pack the stand for the KD-120 separately in a smaller duffle bag with my kick pedal, hi-hat pedal and cables (wrapped into a snake of sorts). I move the whole kit (minus T4) twice a week from home to rehearsal and a gig once in a while. Its a pain to remove the pad from the KD-120 and I worry about losing or stripping the 1" lug nuts, but it works and I'm not transporting my KD-120 unprotected. It's too expensive. I bought a set of backup 1" lugs in case I lose one in this whole goofy process. Every once in a while I go to Target (which is where I bought the big rolling duffle bags for the pads and cymbals for $29 each on sale) and stare at the duffle bags and think about buying a separate one for the KD-120 and stand so that I don't have to take it apart all the time, but just don't see anything I like. I've got it down to a science now and hate to add another bag if I don't have to. If I start transporting my 4th Tom, I'll have to buy a separate bag for the KD-120.