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SPD-20 MIDI Question

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  • SPD-20 MIDI Question

    I'm using a SPD-20 to trigger off additional sounds from my TD-8. I've tried several times to sequence my performances using Cakewalk 9. I have had no problems sequencing anything plugged directly into the TD-8. However, none of the sounds being triggered by the SBD-20 are recording. I tried recording within the TD-8. Everything recorded fine. I am going (SPD-20) midi out, to (TD-8) midi in, and (TD-8) out to (computer) in. Then during playback I connect the (computer) into the (TD-8) midi in as well. The reason I do that is because the SBD-20 has no midi thru. Any suggestions besides replacing my SPD-20,TD-8 or Cakewalk?

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    During playback I am going computer out into TD-8 in.


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      You either need two midi inputs on your PC or a Midi merge box. The reason is as follows.

      SPD sends Midi signals (from SPD pad hits) on Midi Out into TD8

      TD8 sends Midi signals (from TD pad hits) on Midi Out to PC.

      Your PC is only recording what is coming out of the TD8

      IF the TD8 has Midi Thru (sorry I don't have one so I'm not sure), then you could connect Midi Thru (TD8) to the second Midi in on your PC.

      Alternativley, you need to put SPD Midi Out into second PC Midi in and then set up your sequencer to 'echo' (i.e. retransmit) note rec'd on 2nd Midi In (from SPD) to one of the Midi Out ports which you can then connect to the TD8 (so you can hear the sounds you want)

      If your PC does not have 2 midi ins then you will need to buy a Midi merge unit (check out Philip Rees - search the net for them) and connect midi out from td8 and either midi out from spd OR midi thru on td8 and then take the merged signal and feed that into your PC

      Confused ???

      Hope that made some sense