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KD-7 troubleshooting

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  • KD-7 troubleshooting

    My KD-7 stopped working a couple weeks ago. It will trigger a little if it is struck pretty hard but even then the sound is not very strong. I opened it up and checked the connections and everything seemed to be in order. I also cleaned the input connection and tried another cord. Nothing was changed in my TD-10 and I am currently using another KD-5 without any problems.
    Can the sensor just go bad? If so has anyone ever found a Radio Shack equivalent. I would appreciate any thoughts or ideas anyone may have.


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    Welcome to the world of the KD7!

    Typically, the sensor will need to be replaced on a regular basis. I was told to think of it like a bass drum head that needs periodic replacement. It is an easy fix and typically runs $65 for parts and labor.

    I ended up getting a second pedal/trigger just in case the main one went out during a gig. There are tips within this message board on how to fix it yourself. If you're any good at those kind of things.

    Good Luck.

    (Weapon of Mass Percussion)


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      Sixtyfive bucks for a piezo and a bit of soldering? Damn!

      I've never been inside an kd-7 (would probably be a tight fit ) but you might try the Radio Shack transducer #273-073. Roland will want about $7 for thiers.