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TD-10 communication w/SoundDriver

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  • TD-10 communication w/SoundDriver

    I just downloaded the SoundDriver demo. I downloaded the td-10 .dll file, and started the program. It can't find the td-10. VKitTrans can find it, but SoundDriver can't. What am I doing wrong?


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    I can only give tips with the Mac version, but since you're running VKittrans you're obviously on a PC.
    If you were on a Mac I'd have said run OMS Setup again, but sinceyou're not all I can do is try and help with some pseudo-educated guesses.
    Have a look and see if there's any feature on the PC version of Sound Diver which will detect any device hooked up via MIDI, and run it. Make sure that all cables are hooked up properly and none are loose, switch 'em round if you have to.
    If all fails, try re-installing the demo, or re-installing your MIDI drivers.

    Anyone else got anything more constructive?

    "Fry that sound effect, Moriarty, we're having it for breakfast"


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      Sorry about not being clear about my OS. I've got a 450mhz celeron running win98se, and my sound card is an ensoniq sound blaster. I tried everything you listed mcconaghy, except reinstalling. When I tell sounddriver to search for all divices, it doesn't find anything. I can run vkittrans with the same cable setup, so I don't think it's the cables.


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        That's where my PC wisdom comes to an end, sadly.

        Can anyone else help this puzzled fellow?

        "Fry that sound effect, Moriarty, we're having it for breakfast"


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          I just read your post tonight, Thursday.

          No particular thing comes to mind except that Sound Diver needs to both SEND and RECEIVE from the TD-10 to find it.

          I've used the combo for a year now, even after the TDW-1 upgrade (which Sound Diver 3 works with), and been through several "crises" like this, but usually it was due to my midi patch bay (A MOTU 8x8 Midi Express XT) being config'd wrong.

          I assume that VKit uses 2-way communication, so it's a puzzle.

          Let me go down to my studio tonight and have a re-check of the config of my Sound Diver, then get back to you if I find any options that are subtle yet important settings.

          Sound Diver is the cake and the frosting and the glass of milk for a TD-10 user who wants to do lots of modifying and customizing.

          It is amazing, and we've got to get you running so you can see just how amazing.

          I also have a laptop with a small 1x1 midi connector on the printer port, and it sat by the drums on a table with Sound Diver on tap for the first two months after I got Sound Diver 3. After I had my setups done, I put my TD-10 back into the studio MIDI loop for sequencing and recording and whatnot. Sound Diver is on there, too, and I use it for efficient tweaking of lots of variables.

          I used Cakewalk and Sonar on my main studio computer for sequencing, and it all is just amazing.

          But having the laptop right there at the drums was WONDERFUL during the first month of tweaking settings. Just plain wonderful.

          I'll go have a look now ...

          Best to you,