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werd trigger problem during live performance

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  • werd trigger problem during live performance

    Never have I had a trigger problem until, you guessed it, a live performance this last weekend. I found that after I started my snare pd-120 was dropping out every 3-4 hits. For the second performance I moved the monitor, but did not work. Then after messing with the TD-10 with expansion board, found that certain areas (spots) on the head were triggering the rim exp without even hitting the rim (not even close). I had the rim set to no sound, so it would trigger the no sound setting. We watched this happen over and over. Then I changed the rim to match the head and it stopped dropping out. This can't be normal?? Can it??

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    The more comlicated this stuff gets, the more bugs you may find, don't even get me started on my Drumkat. I sent it away 3 months ago, when I got it back everything was fine until I tried using it to control the hi hat on my K2000VPR. It turns out the polyphany adjust doesn't work in hat mode on the trigger inputs, only on the Kat's onboard pads. I can link to an onboard pad from a trigger in and control it that way, huge pain in the ass.
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      Often problems like this can occur because everything is louder than when in rehersal. Things like the Bass guitar have a tendency to cause mistriggers. Also may have something to do with the type of surface you were playing on (were you on a wooden surface, carpet....). Usually playing (tweaking) with your retrigger cancel, scan and mask time can help stop mistriggers caused by this.
      HOWEVER, this does not seem to be entirely related to that sort of interference. Was the head tensioned correctly? If it happens again, try swapping one of your toms over for the snare. Although unlikely there may be a problem with one of the triggers in that particular pad. I would try to isolate the problem first by figuring out if it is the pad or the module. I suspect that the triggers settings just need to be played with a bit.
      Good luck!

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      , plenty of , and , , triggered acoustics, , and a plethora of PA blah blah freakin blah...I mean does anyone care about the specifics of pedals, speakers, processors, hardware or anything that I'm using?? :confused: Hmmm, maybe this is an appropriate place to mention that I tried out a new cymbal stand the other day...


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        I have had the exact same problem in a live situation no less. I was about to panic when I decided to switch out the stereo cable going into the snare with a mono-cable (hence cutting out the rim function) It saved the gig! CAPRC do you notice the RIM trigger indicator light blinking everytime the RIM sound is triggered? This must be caused from the RIM settings within the TD-10. I'm still trying to fix the problem, I hate not being able to use the RIM!


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          Perhaps your snare rim sensitivity needs to be adjusted - it is triggering too easily, from snare mesh hits and possibly your legs hitting the drum.
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            This does concern me, because I have only played a couple of gigs at block parties where I was set up on a carpet over a couple of 3/4" plywood sheets directly on the ground, so I didn't seem to be getting any triggers from the bass or guitars. Once we start playing bar/club gigs on various kinds of stages, I am worried that this may happen to me. Our bass player is a true gear head and I'm afraid of what kind of monster rig he might show up with at a big club.

            Could this problem of unintentional triggering be resolved by adjusting the crosstalk level for that pad? I have mine cranked up to the highest level for all of my pads, but I realize that may not be ideal either, becase it may adversely affect intentional simutaneous triggers from different pads.

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              I would check the head tuning that is usually the biggest problem with miss snare hits. I have had no problems with that and I play live all the time. The snare click sound would sound if I bumped the snare just right but after playing with the cross stick sensitivity it has been fine. The hardest thing for me was getting the rim click to sound right live, it worked great at home or at practice but live I hit harder causing the rim shot to sound. Only time can work out the live bugs and sometimes there still will be suprises to overcome.

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                Thanks for all of the replies above. The bass player was going directly thru the board, so should not have been the problem. I moved the monitor for me, but did not change. I used a new cable, but no change. I switched pd-120 pads, but no change. Last night we came back to our practice area in Marin County, and guess what........ no problem encountered. The snare acted fine with no dropped hits. OK, so lets see... it was not the cable, pd-120 pad, bass player or monitor volume, which means it is in the TD-10 module. Or here is another problem that we encountered during the same live performance-------- our direct boxes shorted out, had to borrow new ones from the sound guys, so another idea of mine is that the power strip we plugged into had less than consistant power running through it. If this is true, we all need to be aware of the power supply we plug into!!!!!!! What do you guys think?


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                  I can avoid missed hits by making sure that the bass rig is set up right along side me. If there are bass speakers behind or directly in front of my kit, I miss some hits. As far as power goes, there was only one time that I know of where the voltage was less than optimal. My TD-8 screen would go blank and I'd lose everything. When it came back up, there would be missing pads. So, I had to turn it off and on again to get it all back. Very scary.


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                    Originally posted by Stixx777:
                    The hardest thing for me was getting the rim click to sound right live, it worked great at home or at practice but live I hit harder causing the rim shot to sound
                    How did you resolve that?


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                      Here's an idea from a newbie. I mounted my snare to my rack using a Tama snare basket. I like having everything on the rack, but, I also wonder if it will help absorb some vibrations from the floor before they get to the pad. I also seem to have a fix to cross talk between my cymbal pads and the toms. I mounted my cmbal pad arms to the lower rack bar instead of the top bar. My cross talk disapeared and I can drop my thresholds down to 2. I haven't played live with my set up yet, but I've layed in to it to experiment. And as always, we thank you for your support.
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                        Dr. Kildrum to fix it I practice with headphones on with a CD player really loud an adjusted the sensitivity on the rim to the correct level. When I practice I will sometimes miss a hit but live it is no problem anymore. I also have placed the stick in different locations across the rim so when I practice or play soft it goes in one spot when I play live it goes in another. There is a sort of hot spot for the rim also. If I drop my sticks or bring them up and they hit the edge of my snare pad I get a loud click sound so I try not to hit the side of my snare pad.(there is not that much room to do thisbut I still do occasionally.

                        Ted H.
                        Ted H.