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Difference between PD-5 and PD-6

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  • Difference between PD-5 and PD-6

    Can anyone tell me if there is a functional (triggering/playing) difference. They both appear to be 8.5 in rubber pads. Is the only difference cosmetic in that the 5s appear to have a black back and a knob to lock them down, while the 6s appear to have the white backs and a metal drum key looking tightener?

    Anyone who is familiar with both, your input would be helpful. I'm looking for smaller sized (single zone) pads to fit in, but want as good a quality as I can reasonably find. I've seen the posts that say the 5s "suck". Is that true? How so? Thanks.

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    As far as I know the only difference is the looks and the price.
    When you see the PD-5 you know they just needed to look better, the PD-6 is nicer I think

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      The PD-6 has the same surface pliability and "feel" as the PD-7 and PD-9. I suspect it's a thicker layer of rubber that's being used. All the rebound characteristics are identical with the three types of pads. The PD-5, on the other hand, has crappy mounting hardware, a thinner and much more uncomfortable rubber surface, and is considerably noisier. As I understand it, the PD-6 was designed to be the PD-5's replacement......

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        Thanks. Just thought the 5s looked cool in all black and very small and easy to work into tight spaces, but I had also heard they were junk (but never seen one up close). Thanks for confirming. Just need a couple of small single zone pads, but I'll "stick" with something a bit better.


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          hey killdrum, here's your chance to jump on that midi kiti pro.



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            Yes, I saw that but didn't think it would be appropriate to ask why you weren't happy with it, (although I was curious). Anyway, thanks for remembering me, but I managed to lure a manufacturer into letting me test a pad to midi interface, and part of the deal is I keep the prototype I was given.

            Ironically, I really don't need an interface now. I use my second module to perform that function to an extent and have more than enough inputs between the two modules. (And around 30 separate many of them "dual", if you count the midi interface.) I'm working now, on a solution to slaving everything together possibly with a digital mixer with automated/pre-programmable eq and effects "scenes" that can be called up via midi command when a certain kit is selected.


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              so who is making those now besides marcel??



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                Originally posted by sepdrums:
                so who is making those now besides marcel??
                Nobody that I know of is making one today. In fact, I didn't know that marcel was still in business at present.