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Is the ddrum2 brain compatible with all pintech pads?

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  • Is the ddrum2 brain compatible with all pintech pads?

    I know the ddrum4 is not (with the high hat), and was wondering about the ddrum2.

    Any other comments on it?

    If I buy it, I am getting it used for $575, is that a good price?



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    Not too bad. I got a ddrum4 used for $585 with 2 ddrum triggers (gotta love eBay). But that was an insane deal. I have seen used ddrum4's go for over $1000.

    Aren't ddrum 2's pretty rare??


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      Try before you buy.

      In general: ddrum modules work perfect with ddrum pads just like Roland pads work best with Roland brains. But I don't know about the Pintech pads. Perhaps a good option.

      As far as I know the ddrum2 brain doesn't have positional sensing and pressure sensing and velocity samples, so this (triggering those specific functions) can't be a problem. If only a proper trigger signal is the goal, perhaps the Pintech pads will do.

      I think it is a fair price but realize the module is quite old.


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        Hey, thanks for the info. I wouldn't require positional sensing, because I don't have it now. The pitch bend thing sounds weird, but you never know.

        i was just thinking about getting it as a second module.

        Thanks again-



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          I had a ddrum 2. The sounds (65, I think) were incredible! There were no cymbal or hihat sounds, unless you had a cymbal pack (plug-in cartridge). There was room for 5 cartridges (I think). Also, it took up 5 rack spaces and the sounds were dry. You needed some sort of effects.

          Thought you could use some more info.