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help with poor man's v-cust cases!

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  • help with poor man's v-cust cases!


    I am struggling to find good cases for my v-custom kit. I usually transport the rack in one piece and have been able to get away with this so far. But, I am struggling with boxes for the pads, pedals, boom stands and hart dynamic cymbals etc. Who has a great suggestion for "poor man's" drum cases? I've heard tote boxes to large volume ice chests. Pictures and/or testimonials of your experiences would be great! Thanks.

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    Originally posted by mudyax:
    I've heard tote boxes to large volume ice chests.
    Yes indeed. Much has been posted here. Use most xlnt search engine with keywords 'case', 'transport', 'foam', 'chest', etc.


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      Thanks Marc. I guess I should have done that first. But, being a relative newbie, I was not aware I cold do this. Ok. I'm on it. Thanks again.


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        Yes, it's been posted before. But I'll repeat. I'm using a medium-large plastic cooler (no wheels, forget the name, but it's about 2' long x 1' wide x 1.5' high). I place 2 PD-80 pads along each side with the mesh heads against the side walls. In the middle I put 2 pairs of PD-7's, pad surfaces in each pair facing each other. I disconnect my kick pedal and put it heel-down at one end of the cooler, between the pd-80's. I lay the hh pedal on top, and put the kick beater and support legs for the KD-80 (along with my BP-80) either vertically where there's space or horizontally. Everything is packed tightly and securely, and the cooler isn't even very heavy. The KD-80 (w/o pedal or stand)and the TD-8 (wrapped in bubble wrap) go into a separate bag. I leave all cables (labeled) attached to the frame (using extra velcro tape) and fold the frame arms inward to make it fairly compact and easy to carry. Very quick and easy to set up and tear down!


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          Excellent idea Drmoze. Thanks for the time and input and I really appreciate the detail in your response too. This gives me great ideas to work with. I also like that you included a peice about leaving your cables strapped to the rack. I have gone round and round on this issue with myself and handling the cables appears to be the worst part about setup/breakdown of the v-customs. I went with the wires on the rack for a little while and then actually had to transport my rack in the back of an open truck once or twice. Then, I became uneasy about leaving them on the rack in the event I had to do it again. It sure does make life easier though, don't it? I've also tried a variety of ways of "snaking" the cables of similar length together and then labeling each end with it's source input/destination and bundling them all together when I pack. This has worked ok, but I still have to play the untangle game each time to some extent. So, you recommend fixing them to the rack and leaving them there, heh? Most of the time I have the luxury of transporting the rack in a closed vehicle. So, this might work for me now on a more permanent basis. Thanks again.


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            Hi mudyax - You will also find a lot of discussion and ideas for your cable woes as well. Someone even came up with running them inside the tubes! It's all here. Happy searching.


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              Thanks Marc. You're right, I've been playing around with the search engine and lo and behold, you guys are right....everything is popping up as it should. Ok, another day and another valuable learning experience for me Remediation of ignorance is great, ain't it? This site is great! Thanks again.


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                I got one of those $19.95 aluminum cases that have removable foam sections inside to carry my TD-8, power supply, drum key, allen wrench, mini tool kit, etc. I place the TD-8 (with the mount attached) face down on about 1/2" of foam and about 1" surrounding it. The top has a sheet of egg crate foam and keeps everything secure inside.

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                  Go to the Home Depot tools section and check out the big truck tool cargo boxes. They are really sturdy and only about $50. Some lock and have wheels. I think mine is called a "Tough Box". Everything fits and I fold up the rack and sit it on top. Works for me - plus the box is a handy table next to me when playing for beverages, stick bag, music, set list etc...


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                    Thanks mfmia,

                    As always, I really appreciate the feedback. Yours seems to support broader suggestions from this community to visit the big home warehouses for my needs. So, this weekend, I am packing up and heading out on the hunt. I actually thought about a truck-style tool box in my deliberations on how to proceed for smallest $$, but did not think you could get them with casters/handle. I like the table idea for my "gig beverage" as well Thanks again.