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BBE 482 chokes off cymbal ring...Szvook?

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  • BBE 482 chokes off cymbal ring...Szvook?

    It wasnt until I heard a tape recording of my V-custom kit that I realized the cymbal decay was getting cut very short and it had a hissing, digitized sound. I'm putting the entire kit (all pads) through a BBE 482 and into a Mackie 450. The cymbals sound much better (in terms of noise and weird decay) when the BBE is turned OFF..but everything else sounds better with it ON.
    Has anyone experienced strange cymbal sounds when processed through a BBE 482? Any solutions would be greatly appreciated.


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    Solution; route your drums without the cymbals to a subgroup, put the BBE on the insers of the sub, then route the sub to the main.
    Cymbals should be routed to the main right away.
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      MPCman is on the money.


      Sorry for asking this but what settings do you have on the your cymbals? Is your gear grounded? Have you tried to run other signals through the BBE with the 450, like a cd sometimes you have to check the other gear and their performance on their own. If you are using an outboard mixer, check it out as well with out running the drums through it and with them. Check the channel(s) you are using with the drums and without as well.

      I have not experienced anything like you are describing.


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        Ah ha! I knew it, the BBE sucks!!!!
        (now I don't have to go buy one!)

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          I agree with MPCman! I bypass my bbe with my cymbals, but the bbe kicks a.s.s on every thing else.

          Honest stevo they do, no really!!


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            Another solution; route all the parts except for the cymbals to a sub output, routhe the sub into the BBE, then route the BBE back to the CD-input and mix them along with the cymbals to the drum module's main out!

            Music was my first love...