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two maximisers in a set-up?

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  • two maximisers in a set-up?

    I have just become a very proud owner of a BBE 882 and have it set-up between mt TD10 and stage monitors, which then feed to the PA

    The band I am in are so impressed with the BBE they are thinking of putting on in the PA set-up.

    Has anyone any ideas if this will cause me problems with front of house drum sound, as the sound will end up going through two bbe maximisers?

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    I remember someone bringing this up before, but there was no further discussion. I use a 482 between my TD-8 and my mixer (which has all EQ flat). I juice the lo contour to about 5 and the process setting to about 6.5 for my taste. There's an older BBE used to process the entire band mix and the sound guru/geek/engineer (who I trust with my sound) says the drums sound great. IMHO, most PA's can only benefit by using some sort of "sonic maximizer". If your PA sounds muffled and dead, a BBE processing only the drums won't help your sound much out front. We have had no problems using two, and our PA was bright and crunchy before I added my 482.