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  • Master or Direct

    I am connecting my TD-10 into a Mackie mixer; is there any difference in using Master or Direct outputs (other than the fact that you can adjust the master volume with a knob);
    if using Master, what is the appropriate level, full, knob at half, between half and full ? I can accomodate any volume of signal on the Mackie side;
    last question : what is the best amplified monitor to hook to the Mackie mixer;
    thanks in advance for your input;


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    Since no one else seems like they are going to respond to this, I'll give it a try.

    I don't think that there is a material difference in the main vs. direct out except as you said you can control the level of the main outs with the knob on the module. I recall some discussion about differences in the way effects, ambience, etc. are sent to the direct outs, but I have an expanded TD-10 and I don't really hear the difference.

    I would suggest, however that you split your outputs into 4 groups: kick, snare, toms & cymbals. Run the kick to the main out, snare to Direct 1, Toms to Direct 2 & Cymbals to Direct 2. Pan them all center and send one side of each to the main board and one side to a small mixer that you connect to your powered moniter so that you can control what you hear. Based on the statements in this discussion forum it looks like a lot of people like the Mackie SRM 450 for a powered monitor, but I am using a Roland KC-500 and I like it so far after a couple of gigs at block parties playing classic and new rock. It's not as powerful as the Mackies, but its cheaper and has four stereo inputs, so you don't need a separate mixer for your monitor mix.


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      thanks Mr Bagman; I will try what you suggest;
      JJ (from France)