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TD-8 and Trigger Perfect 210AP-S

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  • TD-8 and Trigger Perfect 210AP-S

    Several of you were interested in my research into interfacing the new Trigger Perfect 210AP-S dual zone acoustic snare drum trigger with the TD-8 brain. After some tweaking, I am happy to report that the claims of the manufacturer appear to be true. It works beautifully! The catch (a weird one too) is that it appears to require the 12A and 12B snare trigger settings to work optimally (12A is best). Don't ask me why. Anyone got any ideas? Regardless, I played a show with the trigger and the new 5x10" pacific snare drum on my v-customs last night and the snare sounded just AWESOME through the PA!! Full, crisp rim shot triggers off the acoustic snare rim too. It was very nice (and a bit weird, but I got used to it). Amazing how much better you play when your gear sounds great through the PA! So, for what it's worth, if you've got an extra US$60 laying around doing nothing, the new 210 AP-S trigger is worth it. Even without the dual zone capability, the head sensitivity is better than any trigger I've experimented with to date. The new snare and the new v-cust configuration has literally redefined my playing and made it better. I like it. The kit has a great new aesthetic quality under stage lights too. A little show never hurts, right? FYI and take care!