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hey BtnkBndt! I found something for you...

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  • hey BtnkBndt! I found something for you...

    rubber-insulated rivet nuts


    McMaster-Carr... they have everything.

    [This message has been edited by animal (edited August 29, 2001).]

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    Ok, it's getting even better. I was at Lowes yesterday buying all of my sealing washers and bolts when I found..... WELL NUTS!

    They are alittle bigger than what we are using, but they will work if the plate was made a little bigger. BTW, what are the deminsions of your plate? I don't think I made mine as big as you did.


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      Forgive me for intruding but what are you guys building? I just received some sample FSR's and am going to try building some piezo\FSR triggers. Is that what your up to? ...if so any tips. If not, sorry for butting in.



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        I'm just building the trigger mounts from Michael's instructions. I am finding some of the harder to find pieces at Lowes now.


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          I'm not at the house at this moment. Just make sure it is larger than the diameter of the piezo. The ears where the well nuts go through should leave enough clearance so the nuts do not contact the cones when they (the well nuts) are compressed.

          McMaster is great. I've used them for some time. MSCDirect.com is also an excellent source for rubber, plastic, metals, etc in small quantities.

          Snills, keep us informed on your fsr project. Lets hear more.


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            Michael, check this out for size....

            plate template

            I made it bigger and designed it for the well nuts from lowes.


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              Where did you get the sample FSR material? I am working with 2 companies, but they are going to be a bit expensive.

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