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Transportation of Session set

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  • Transportation of Session set

    I recently started playing my Session set out with my band. Apart from the awesome sounds and the reactions that I get from people about the set, I have a few questions about it's transport. I have been breaking the whole thing down and carrying it in bags. I wondered if anyone has used the bags made specifically for the set. I was thinking about a set of Beato bags and wondered if it is worth it. I also have been experimenting with different ways to transport and not have to break it all down. I found that I can leave eveything on the rack except the actual drums, the TD-10 and the cymbals. I have been swinging the mounts in towards the middle of the rack and leaving the cords attached to the rack. It seems to work pretty well. I just have to label everything better to save time. Does anyone have other suggestions about gigging out with the set? Also, I am wanting to get a PM3 and I wondered if it is all it is cracked up to be.



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    Hi Brandon - Your predicament is a common one that has been discussed in great detail. I'm sure if you use the most blessed & xlnt search engine you will find a wealth of info that will provide you w/the data you seek. The Beato bags are well recieved by many here. Break down and x-porting tips are here to be found. I am very glad to hear that you began gigging so soon after your E-aquisition. You must have your sh!t together pretty well. Good for you.


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      [Hello I have the Beato bags used them tonight for the first time they do not have instructions, as to what goes where, there
      all suppose to fit, I think some planning is in order, I also leave the cables attached to the stand, I'm putting on Purple convoluted tubing for the cords this weekend
      also using purple wire ties the bags will keep then from getting scratched if nothin else.

      V-Pro Concert (purple)
      TD-10 (not expanded)yet


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        I recently came across the V-drum cases on eBay and love them. Between the two cases, I'm strictly using (and talking about) the hard-sided, clamshell type case. It's designed to house the mesh drums, pd-7/pd-9 pads, snare stand, hi hat controller and TD-10 brain. It's very nice for transporting and protecting your investment. I also transport the rack in a somewhat folded position, and leave the clamps and cords attached!

        As for amplification, I used the Roland KC-500 strictly as a stage drum monitor. I also have a normal stage monitor for vocals and other instruments.

        Good luck with your drumming!!!