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Let The Games Begin

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  • Let The Games Begin

    I am EXPANDED now! And will have my new BBE 482 on Tuesday
    Iím building a rack system for this stuff, Crown 300A power amp, BBE 482
    I was looking at Mixers (Mackie) 4 mike and 8-line inputs not sure weather to add this to the rack or mount it on top of the rack on an angle so it can be adjusted easier.
    Anyone wants to contribute input on cymbals and snare settings,
    I used the drums (V-Custom) tonight on one of the canned kits it wasnít all bad
    But then I used A- cymbals and never used the PD9ís or the HH
    Its almost 5:00 got to get some sleep Iíll do this again tommorow
    Thanks Mick.
    V-Pro Concert (purple)
    TD-10 (not expanded)yet