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MIDI and the MC-303...

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  • MIDI and the MC-303...

    I had a Roland MC-303 Groovebox for about two years before I got my V-Pro's.. Anyway, As soon as I got them (the V's, that is) one of my top priorities was "snake a MIDI cable between them and see what I can do"

    Well, I can do a little, but not as much as I'd like. This is kind of a long shot here, because I'm pretty sure that exactly NOBODY on this board has got a 303, but I figure it's worth a shot. For those of you unfamiliar, the 303 is pretty much a sequencer and sound bank in a small box with a bunch of buttons on it.

    I've been able to use the drums to trigger the keyboard function of the sequencer (eg. I hit a pad and it plays a c sharp or whatever I decide to assign it to), and I can get it to make the sequencer "play" its pattern, but what I'm really looking to do is use specific pads to switch between patterns, mute specific instruments, blah blah blah, etc. etc. etc. Actually, while I'm typing this out, I'm getting some ideas.. there is a function onboard the 303 wherein holding a key down will play a pattern.. I could just crank up the gate time in the midi settings on the td-10 and..

    well, anyway, if ANYBODY has ANY input, I'd love it.. I'd really like to be able to control an entire "band" from my drum throne, so we'll see where things go..


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    I owned a MC303 a few years ago.

    I don't think there is any possibility to Mute and un-Mute parts via midi, let alone by using Note On and Note Off messages.
    I don't know if the RPS (Realtime Phrase Sequence) function can be controlled with external Midi notes. But I think it won't work

    Good luck with your new V's

    Music was my first love...


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      i had a 303 for a while. seemed cool at the time but man was it short on sequencer space!!!