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Syncing click between sequencer and TD 8

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  • Syncing click between sequencer and TD 8

    I'm using midi to connect my drum brain (Roland TD8) to my Yamaha RM1X sequencer. The RM1X's click track is sent to the outputs which means everyone would hear it through the house monitors..the Roland brain allows its click to be sent ONLY to the headphones (in ear monitor) so only I can hear it. Im using the RM1X as the master and it is indeed driving the brain click at the correct tempo. The problem is that when I push PLAY to begin the song on the sequencer it does NOT start the click track on the TD8..I have to manually push the CLICK button on the drum brain to start it and I MUST push that button at precisely the right beat or it will be clicking off of the down beat. Does anyone have a clue how I can get the TD8 to start clicking as soon as the sequencer starts?

    Thanks TK

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    well, this is a can of worms that frustrates the hell out of me. I honestly can't help you at all, inasmuch as I've been trying to accomplish the exact same thing for about a month now, with no success. All I can do is offer you a shoulder to cry on..