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Uh-oh, newbie Q: Calibrate KD120 for TD-8?

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  • Uh-oh, newbie Q: Calibrate KD120 for TD-8?

    First off, thanks to everyone who's provided info for the "fresh meat" off the street. This is a great site because of you guys. Secondly, I tried searching around but didn't find answers to my question. If it's already been asked, I didn't find it so.....

    With the KD-120 you get a sheet titled "For KD-120 and TD-10 Owners." Now, I noticed that in the manual that also comes with the KD-120 they don't mention the TD-8. They mention the TD-10/7/5, SPD20/11, etc.. Since the 8 and 10 are alike in ways, do I need to calibrate the KD120 for the TD-8, and if so, how? Thanks.

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