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DirectX effects plug-ins

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  • DirectX effects plug-ins

    I use Cool Edit Pro recording software with the built-in effects and I'm quite pleased with it, but, being the greedy bastard that I am , I want even more effects.

    An Eventide Orville plug-in would be nice.....

    Meanwhile, back on Earth, I was wondering if you guys could make any recommendations on DirectX-compatible audio effects software. Money's not necessarily an object, if you catch my drift. I want lots of effects and the weirder, the better. You can get your standard reverb and delay effects from any number of freeware sources out there, and besides, I already have all that stuff in Cool Edit Pro. I checked out a website recommended on the Syntrillium forum called thedirectxfiles.com , but I really didn't see anything that kind of stood out feature-wise.

    "Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?"
    TD-30 / SPD-SX