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TD-6 triggering

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  • TD-6 triggering

    I just finished reading a brief review of various popular e-drum modules over at the Hart Dynamics web site. For the TD-6 they contend that it "triggers smoother and faster than the TD8 and TD10."

    For those of you who have had experience with the TD-6 and either the TD-8 or TD-10, I'm curious if you've noticed a better response from the TD-6?

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    It seems to, but it is such a subtle nuance that it may just be my imagination. If someone measured it with the right equipment they could tell and I wouldn't be surprised. But even if it is, it is not a significant enough difference to really feel strongly about, just a nice bonus. It IS however, noticeably quieter than my TD-10ex.


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      There is some eroneous info regarding the Kat trigger interface at the Hart site so I'd take it with a grain of salt. They also say that the DTX interface is based on Kat's design whch is also false, it's based on the DTS70 interface.
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        I have both the TD-6 and the TD-8 and although the TD-6 triggers very well, I wouldn't say it was any "better" or "worse" than the TD-8......
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