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    Greetings all.

    I am playing a set of roland v-custs. I don't like the rack setup and I want a bigger snare trigger, but don't want to spend $300+ on the roland 10" esnare. A suggestion was made to go with a 5x10 acoustic snare with a 10" v-cust nylon head and trigger it with a pintech acoustic trigger. This allows me to open up the rack and move my pd-80R pad into a tom slot for a "2 up-2 down" tom configuration. So far, so good. Great idea. I am 6'5", so opening up the rack and attaining a more centered symmetry/geometry between the snare and 1-2 toms has been great! Problem(s): I want to maintain my rim shot capability without sacrificing a pd-7 pad, so I thought I could move the pd-80r to the 1-tom position and continue to use the dual zone capability of the pad for my rim shot (I can still reach it off the hi-hat trigger comfortably in the 1 tom position). But, it appears the rimshot trigger will not work in this position unless it remains wired in the #3 snare input. Problem is that when I try to wire the snare trigger with another cable (e.g. # 4 tom 1 cable), I get poor performance from the trigger (poor triggering, sensitivity etc.). Why is this? And any ideas as to how to do this without dedicating one of my pd-7 pads to rimshots? Also, someone suggested a y-cable (stereo to mono) in the 11/12 aux input would give me the rim capability on the pd-80r pad wherever I placed it. This does not seem to work. This setup is very cool, if I can just get this rimshot/poor triggering issue resolved and make this acoustic snare trigger work properly. Clear as mud? ANY and ALL help MUCHO appreciated! Thanks in advance.

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    I use input 11/12 with a Pintech ConcertCast ST 10" dual trigger pad on a TD-8. The head is always Tom 4 - i.e. floor tom, the rim I normally make a splash or sometimes a china. I've got the crosstalk etc. quite high, to prevent false triggering, but I still occasionally hit the rim at the wrong time, due to positioning issues... Luckily it sounds good, with both sounds triggering simultaneously at similar volumes. Schmunk
    TD-8, Pintech pads, Pearl rack, Mackie SRM-450, Behringer 802 mixer and DSP1400 UltraMizer, Electric Sticks.


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      Thanks guys so much for the great advice. It is nice to see that I have some alternatives. Unfortuantely, I jumped the gun a bit on my purchase and now have an acoustic snare drum that I must make work. Since posting my problem, I did manage to realize that I did not have the snare drum set to "snr" in the trigger setup menu. I have fixed this problem and have played around with the sensitivity etc. settings and the snare sounds pretty good now. But, I am still left with the problem of what to do about a convenient rim shot (in the absence of spending more money right now) in the meantime. It seems then that, for now anyway, I have no real choice other than to dedicate one of my PD-7 pads for a rim shot. I am currently playing a set of 4 hard dynamic ecymbals, so it doesn't handicap me *too* much. But, because of the limited number of inputs on the brain, I have to split two of the cymbals with a mono splitter. Thus, they sound the same. With the loss of the pd-7 to rimshot status, that kinda cuts me down to 3 distinct cymbal sounds. I like to keep a china sound on my little 9" ecymbal, so I am now left with only 2 distinct cymbal sounds. But, the symmetry of the cymbals and the resulting aesthetic value of the kit is worth something too. Oh well, life in the food chain, I guess Thanks again for the great tips guys. Any other great ideas? I'm happy to receive them


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        Originally posted by mudyax:
        With the loss of the pd-7 to rimshot status, that kinda cuts me down to 3 distinct cymbal sounds. I like to keep a china sound on my little 9" ecymbal, so I am now left with only 2 distinct cymbal sounds. Any other great ideas? I'm happy to receive them
        It is POSSIBLE to add a cymbal or two using the rim triggers from the bass drum, etc., with additional pads and "Y" cabling techniques using the existing inputs. Do a search on "shacking" and "grailing" or stay tuned for feefer's soon to be released faq guide which is sure to be the definitive resource on this.


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          You are a god! Well, at the very least a demigod Hey, this is great stuff. Like I said, I really just jumped out there and grabbed a pacific maple acoustic snare...some for aesthetics, some for feel, some for control etc. But, I picked it up at guitar center for a ridiculously low price. Couldn't resist. I probably should have done some more homework first. But, I am a student and on a very tight budget. So, my thinking was this is the least expensive way to fly. Having a big ole (well, it's a 10", so relatively "big ol") acoustic snare between the legs (particularly after playing the pd-80R these last few months) again is very cool though. It has already opened up both my comfort level and playing style/ability in just a few short days. So, I would like to stay with the concept. But, it needs some retrofitting. So, the ddrum trigger offers rim shot potential as well. My ignorance (I am an edrum neophyte ya know) is really showing here, but I did not know this. I was convinced you had to go with one of the expensive e-acoustics like pintech, roland etc. to get the kind of capability I am after. I will hit the net and start digging into some prices and planning my next purchase. Does the buying ever end? Thanks so much for the great pics too. I really appreciate all the great insight. You guys rule !!