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tom #6 Sounds very far away

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  • tom #6 Sounds very far away

    Every once in a while my #6 Tom's volume goes down to practically nothing and sounds a million miles away. I've looked at all of the settings for compression and volume and sensitivty but the only thing that "sometimes" fixes it, is a power down of the TD10+TDW1
    I have tried cables and other pads. Seems to be the input but maybe I'm missing something
    Any thoughts VDrum Gurus?

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    I've had this happen a few times. It's always been caused by the patch cord of the offending tom not being properly inserted to either the trigger (i.e. PD-80) or the tom input on the TD-8).

    Worth a look!
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      Here's some more info. I tried changing cables, same result. here's the wierd part,
      when I change the Head type to Pinstripe, I get a "tick" noise, Clear, barely any volume, Coated, it's louder then hell. This is just bizzare.

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