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Phaser and Flanger confusion

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  • Phaser and Flanger confusion

    Help! I was playing around with the effects and stuff, and after playing around with both the phaser and the flanger, have failed to see a significant difference between the two. What is it, if there is one?
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    The effects on the Roland drum modules aren't so 'strong' that they differ much. So don't panic. It's not you ears.

    ‘Flanging’ descents by layering two identical sounds (also happens if you layer two toms sounds which are the same on the td-7). The second signal is, 1 to 20 milliseconds delayed and then returned to the original signal. With this the flanger also belongs to the group of delays. By modulating two sounds with their pitch in each others environment, there will be a kind of synthetic oscillator effect.

    A phaseris does almost the same but more civilized.