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Trouble using trigger input 7/8 on TD-6 brain

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  • Trouble using trigger input 7/8 on TD-6 brain

    I have RTFM from cover to cover and cannot figure this out. I want to use a PD-6 pad as an extra floor tom on my TD-6. The TD-6 has an input for trigger 7/8, which they recommend using for TOMs 3&4. They specify an optional cable, PCS-31, to do this. This cable looks like a "Y" type adapter, with two mono plugs, each to the two pads, and a stereo plug, which plugs into the brain at trigger 7/8. Simple enough.

    I went to Radio Shack and bought an adapter, two mono into one stereo, to do the same. I plugged it all in and, sure enough, I get a sound from both pads. Only problem being that they are both seen as the same pad by the brain, both triggering TOM3 on trigger 7! I was hoping that by virtue of each pad coming on a different side of the stereo plug it would route one pad's output to trigger 7 and the other's to trigger 8, that way I would have TOM3 on trigger 7, and TOM4 on trigger 8. From the way the manual reads, that is the way it should be acting... should being the operative word, here.

    Any thoughts, suggestions, or reality checks I need to hear on this?


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    I don't have a TD-6, but are you sure you're using the *authentic* Roland PCY-31 cable?
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      No, I am not using the "official" Roland cable. Do you happen to know how Roland's "official" cable differs from a two mono into one stereo "Y" adapter, such as I am using at this point?

      Also, my manual calls for a PCS-31, not a PCY-31. Any idea what the diff is between these as well?


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        At this point...

        I will remove this flame for now until I have exhausted all avenues towards using two PD-6 trigger pads into input 7/8.


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          I had read another thread pertaining to your removing past posts on shacking and grailing. Seems that there were those who came upon the same ting that I did. I will, however, modify the previous post, and remove the rant for now. I really hope I'm wrong, here, because it just seemed so wrong to think that I could do something and then find out I can't. Thanks for reining me in, as it were.


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            BTW, I just learned from my local GC that the PCS-31 has been discontinued by Roland! That is the cable they say is required in their user's manual. ???

            I feel a rant coming on...


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              I think I need to get some sleep... I'm just way overreacting, over here. If the PCS-31 has been discontinued by Roland, what's a reasonable substitution? Is there anything else I may need to know?

              Thanks, yet again.

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                Originally posted by feefer:
                However, it's not a 'y' cable, but what is commonly referred to as an 'effects send/return' cable.

                Do a search on 'Roland PCS' for more info, including a link to equivalent cables by Hosa.

                Hey, HolShot:

                No need to stress on this point. I do own a TD-6 and I've never used any of Roland's recommended cables for my aux connections. The cable you're looking for can be found at any music store, and it is also referred to as an "insert cable". You can get a 9-footer for about $8.00 or so. Keep in mind that an insert cable and a "Y" cable are not the same thing; an insert cable splits, a "Y" cable sums.

                feefer mentioned Hosa (www.hosatech.com) as a good source for these cables, and I second that, because they are in fact what I use myself......

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                  Man! Was I ever out to lunch!!

                  I got the Hosa STP-203 insert cable at the local GC. I brought it home, plugged that puppy in, and I'll be d**ned, it works!!! I now have TOM3 triggering HEAD7 and TOM4 triggering HEAD8. Very cool!!

                  Thanks to all of you, you saved my sanity!