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MIDI click tracks, blah blah blah...

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  • MIDI click tracks, blah blah blah...

    so okay, I've started getting crazy-technical with my v's. i brought them to my buddy's house who's got the usual cmoputer musician setup- a mac with cubase.. so we ran a midi out from his computer to the in on my td-10 (no expansion yet), and found that he could send a click track over to me. cool! the thing here is, his computer is sending a midi signal to trigger a specific tone within my td-10 which is NOT assigned to any slider except the "other" slider, and it isn't the cute little "one two three four!" guy.. so my question is: how can I raise the volume of this click track in my headphones???? I'm going insane over here!! I'm probably being pretty vague with this message, but things are starting to cloud up between me and my td-10......


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    Hey, alacrity024:

    Well, once again we're on the subject of triggering a TD-series module via MIDI from an outside source (computer, sequencer, other drum module, etc.). The TD-8 and -10 have no functionality for editing MIDI sounds that are triggered by any means other than pads plugged directly into the module itself. Cubase will certainly play the sounds from the TD-10, but the the TD-10 won't tell you what the MIDI note is, what the sound is, or reveal any editing parameters. In short, as far as editing your click from the TD-10 is concerned, you're out of luck.

    However, you may yet be able to resolve your problem from Cubase itself. Firstly, if you're wanting to use the "one, two, three, four" voice count, keep in mind that these are all separate sounds with separate MIDI notes. You'll just have to fish around with the note selection on the click. If every click note is C 24, for example, every sound triggered from the TD-10 will be identical. Each note will have to be different.

    Secondly, have your buddy check Cubase to see what MIDI velocity number is assigned to each click pulse. If you want to max out your signal, each one should be set at 127...
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      does anybody want to buy some v-drums?