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    I just played a few days ago and the sound guy keep asking me for more volume out of my TD-10. I had it maxed. We had a mono signal 1/4" running to a xlr to the snake. Was the low level because of the unbalanced outputs. I was thinking about getting a Direct box or maybe a BBE Sonic Maximizer to use as a Di in addition to it's main purpose. Will the BBE work or should i just go for a cheap DI active or passive?

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    If the BBE has balanced outputs it will work by itself, otherwise yes, you should balance the signal to the mixer using a DI.


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      The BBE 882 model will have balanced XLR inputs and outputs.

      Also, the BBE DI-100 direct box has a built in sonic maximizer.



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        I am firmly of the belief that if you are not patching directly into the desk (ie a stage mix) then you should DI your outputs. Not only will this give better signal strength but it reduces the chance of interference from RF sources and grounding loops.
        This may mean buying 8 or more DI boxes or a unit which does the same thing en masse. Can get expensive but it's better than having the above problems.
        Other's may disagree with me. I care not. Just my opinion.

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          One way to increase volume easily is to check the overall output volume for drums in the percussion group section.

          After I upgraded to the TD-10 expansion card, I forgot about it for quite a while.

          When I rechecked, the drums were only about 2/3 of maximum.

          Rotated the wheel - voila- an instant volume increase.
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            No argument about the volume increase but I think the point about converting to a balanced signal is that it improves (should probably say maintains) a quality signal. The unbalanced gets worse over any significant distance. Our soundbooth is some 75+ feet away. We have direct boxes for all unbal. signals and wouldn't consider anything else.
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              Agree completely on need for balanced line when going > 25 feet.

              Interesting, tho - I was told by our sound guy that the outputs from my TD-10 were quite hot, but then again the run was only ten feet.

              Is there a rule of thumb for signal loss through a typical instrument cable, like a half-life? (Expect your signal to drop by 50% every X feet?)
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