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problems with td8 snare

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  • problems with td8 snare


    I have recently started experiencing problems with the snare pad on my TD8K kit. Everyonce in a while the snare doesn't trigger when playing a groove (i.e. once every 8-16 bars). This is really causing a problem in a band situation and I have resorted to using an acoustic snare until I can sort this out.

    Has anyone else experienced this problem?
    I would welcome any suggestions.


    p.s. I have tried turning it on and off again!

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    You may need to tune your drum head. On the TD-10 if you don't keep your head tuned you get the same problem you are talking about. I am pretty sure that the TD-8 has the same feature. This should help.

    Ted H.
    Ted H.


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      what is your crosstalk set at?
      try zero for the snare if it is on at all.

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        Thanks guys I'll try those suggestions out.